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Saturday, May 5, 2007

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Coffin Magic Trick

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Funny Magic Trick

card magic....wow...^0^

Flying Card Tricks


1. this trick used a thread called 'invisible thread'
2. stick the end of thread on center of the card.
3. stick the other end into your ear.(sound quite funny though)
4.spin the card and control the spinning card by pulling or pushing the thread by your hand..
5.practice and lot of it!!

David Blaine's Tooth Trick

1. its a set-up..
2. the girl is an actress..
3. the concept of this is same as the coin bite trick..
4. look how david blaine use his two hand to cover the whole mouth..
5. anyway..is cool man.. :P

Coin Vanish

Just trying this new trick..actually there's no trick in this..i just push the coin to the floor and walla.. haha :P